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On August 12, 2005, an Arizona law went into effect that permits minors who are at least 16 but not yet 18, to apply to be emancipated or to be declared legally an adult. The minor must prove they are financially self-sufficient and able to provide their own food, housing and medical care without parental assistance.

The law permits emancipation, contained in the Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) Section 12-2451, imposes numerous requirements to qualify for emancipation and defines the rights and responsibilities of the emancipated minor.

There is a filing fee for emancipation petitions, which is paid to the Clerk of the Court at the time the petition is filed. The party may request a deferral of fees at the time the petition is filed. The Clerk of the Court will either grant or deny this request based upon the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Forms: Juvenile Court Guide
The Juvenile Court Guide, a Court Administration staff member, will meet with petitioners prior to filing a petition for guardianship or emancipation. The Juvenile Court Guide will be available to help petitioner's seeking guardianships and emancipations ensure that their petition and paperwork are filled out as accurately and thoroughly as possible without dispensing legal advice. The Juvenile Court Guide will also help answer any questions regarding the court's requirements and procedures pertaining to guardianship or emancipation. The role of the Court Guide is to help prevent delay and enhance access to the court.

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