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Community Services Unit

The vision of the Community Services Unit is to focus available resources within and ancillary to the Juvenile Court to provide services to children, families and the Juvenile Court Judiciary, through collaboration among the Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department, the Maricopa County Juvenile Court Administration, CPS and the regional behavioral health provider.

The Community Services Unit members include but are not limited to Juvenile Court Mediators, Child Protective Services Liaisons, Mental Health Liaisons, Family in Need of Services (FINS) Probation Officers and Juvenile Court Guides.

The Juvenile Court offers a staffing called a Children's Resources Staffing (CRS). The staffing allows anyone with specific concerns or questions concerning a child, teen and/or family challenges (for example: behavior problems, truancy, chronic runaway, incorrigibility, drug use, etc.) to address these issues with representatives from several different agencies in an effort to assist the family in finding options for services. These services could include finding an educational advocate, parent support groups, parenting classes on how to parent teens, individual and family counseling to name a few. A child or teen does not have to be court involved to have a staffing. The staffings are open to everyone. Staffings are available at the Southeast Facility on Tuesday afternoons and at the Durango facility on Thursday afternoons to discuss the child and family concerns. The goal is to enhance communication and promote cooperation among all professionals and family members who are responsible for the welfare of a child. For more information or to set a staffing, please call 602-506-4055 for a Southeast Facility staffing and 602-372-8063 or 602-506-4308 for a Durango staffing.