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Homeless Court Program Providers
Homeless Transitional Program Providers:
About Providers
  • Please contact us for information if your agency is interested in becoming a qualified provider for MCRHC.
  • To become a provider for MCRHC, your Agency and Program must be able to:
    • Provide at least one of the four services as an organized program:
      • Transitional Housing
      • Crisis / Shelter Care
      • Permanent Supportive Housing
      • Domestic Violence Housing
      • Or provide assistance in locating and establishing housing.
    • Oversee applicant's medical, emotional, and/or physical conditions and treatment services that fosters his/her ascent out of homelessness.
    • Monitor and track applicant's progress, to document Community Restitution hours.
    • Communicate effectively with the Court.
    • Confirm applicant has been homeless.
    • Provide a detailed Letter of Advocacy.
    • Attend Court with applicant and speak of his/her achievements (or provide a substitute).
    • Communicate with MCRHC Coordinator regarding applicant's participation.
    • Submit applications for applicants who are compliant with your program(s) Referral Guidelines, and finished (or almost finished) with specified timeframes of program(s).
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