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Real Estate Special Commissioner Selection The following information was provided by the service provider. The Court has not completed an independent investigation as to the truth or accuracy of the information or as to the competency of the provider to provide professional services.

Contact Information

1400 E Golf Ave 100, Tempe, AZ 85282

Sunday through Saturday 9-5

General Information
Associate Broker BR021694000 1/13/2015 
I have been a licensed real estate agent and/or broker since 1983. Also I have been a Real Estate Special Commissioner for over fifteen years until my name was dropped from roster due to my not replying to Family Court email sent in 2014 to an old inactive email address. Thus, I was unaware of requirement and desire to be approved and added to roster again. Also, I am a retired CPA; and I have testified numerous times as real estate professional and expert witness in Superior Court.

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