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Real Estate Special Commissioner Selection The following information was provided by the service provider. The Court has not completed an independent investigation as to the truth or accuracy of the information or as to the competency of the provider to provide professional services.

Contact Information

11211 North Tatum Blvd 200, Phoenix, AZ 85028

Seven Days a Week 7AM to 6PM

General Information
Salesperson SA018626000 8/4/1979 
I have specialized in estate planning and probate work since 1988. I serve numerous attorneys in matters of property valuation, probate, expert witness work and standard of care testimony. I am familiar with depositions and court testimony. Over the years I have performed over 2000 property valuations opinion of value. I was a vendor for Freddie Mac in Maricopa County disposing of over 300 assets from 2007 to 2009. I was appointed by Governor Napolitano to serve the Advisory Board for the Arizona Department of Real Estate and continue my service to date. I was the 2007 President of the Arizona Association of REALTORS and received the Arizona REALTOR of the year award in 2007. I am familiar with probate, court work, documentation and testimony. I have served the Superior Court with a case that involved 25 plus defendants and Plaintiffs. I am an Ethics Mediator with the Arizona Association of REALTORS and attribute my yearly training for help in multiple party disputes.

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