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Real Estate Roster Frequently Asked Questions I haven't received an appointment in several months, what should I do? Appointments are not guaranteed or done on a rotation basis, so there may be a period without a court appointment. There is a process for selection, so please do not call Family Court Administration or the Presiding Family Court Judge, as these offices cannot expedite court appointments. I have received the Appointment Order, how do I know what Judge is assigned to a case? Refer to the Maricopa County Case Management System and follow the directions to look-up a case. Where can I find the addresses for the different regional court locations? Visit the Justice Courts locations page for court addresses. How do I find what Judges are at which court sites? Refer to our Find a Judge pages for judicial assignments. Why are we referred to as "Special Real Estate Commissioner"? There is a Real Estate Commissioner for the State of Arizona, so the "Special Real Estate Commissioner" title must be used to avoid any confusion. I am no longer interested in being on the roster. How do I remove my name? You may withdraw your name from the Court Roster at anytime by logging into your account, but if you have been assigned to any cases, you must submit a written request to the judges assigned to those cases. Why is my name removed from the roster if I did not request it be taken off the list? The Court will send a written notice of removal to a provider who does not continue to meet the criteria for participation. The Family Court Presiding Judge may reinstate a provider at his or her discretion. When I have questions regarding a property, what should I do? Family Court Administration cannot provide assistance with the sale of a property or issues with a case. You need to prepare a written Request for a Hearing and provide notice to the attorney or self-represented individuals. return to top
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