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Real Estate Roster Locations Map

The Family Court Department maintains a roster of real estate professionals who may be appointed by the Court to enforce the sale of real property ordered by the court.

For a list of real estate professionals in your area click on that area in the map below or for a full listing click here.

What is a Real Estate Special Commissioner?
  • Licensed real estate agents and/or brokers who are appointed by the court to initiate and complete the sale of real property as ordered by the court.
  • Most will be appointed in Family Court cases, but there may be instances where there is a need in other court departments as well.
Applicable Legal Authority
  • Rule 95G of the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, implemented January 1, 2006, allows for the appointment of a Real Estate Special Commissioner to assist the parties with disposition of community real property when the parties are otherwise unable to agree on such issues.
Basic Requirements
  • An applicant must be licensed in AZ in good standing for 3 years preceding the date of the application pursuant to Title 32 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 2123.
  • Successful completion of the mandatory online orientation as well as periodic education sessions as the Court may direct.
  • Have a minimum of five transactions each year and provide the property addresses.
  • Agree to periodic evaluation by the Court. The evaluation shall consider the willingness of the applicant to accept appointments and his/her efficiency in complying with court orders, and any other factors deemed appropriate by the Court.
  • Acquire Errors and Omissions insurance to cover any transaction which is the subject of the court appointment.
Selection and Appointment
  • Stipulation by parties - parties or their attorneys may select from the Court roster a provider who is authorized to provide the service ordered by the Court.
  • Selection by judicial officer-if the parties are unable to stipulate, the judge may appoint a provider. Each party may anonymously submit 2 names from the roster and the judge may select one of the names without the knowledge as to which party submitted the name.
  • Upon the close of escrow, the Special Commissioner and the selling broker shall be paid a commission consistent with the reasonable and customary fees paid to realtors in similar transactions in Maricopa County.
  • The Court may also impose sanctions for a party's unreasonable behavior, including but not limited to, adding an additional 1% of the selling price as compensation for services rendered as a Special Commissioner, over and above the reasonable and customary fees paid above.
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