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Working with Audio Recording in Adult Court (Family; Probate/Mental Health) Digital Recording Proceedings in this courtroom are preserved using a digital audio recording system. This technology creates a verbatim record without the use of a court reporter. Parties are encouraged to use the Court's audio recording system. Written notice for a court reporter shall be made to the Court at least 48 hours before the proceeding begins. Audio Copies To order a copy of the audio record on compact disc (CD) please call Electronic Records Services (602-506-7100). A fee of $20.00 is charged for each copy of superior court proceedings digitally recorded and provided on CD. The CD is formatted to be played on a computer using FTR Player Plus 2.0 digital software, which is available at ForTheRecord (FTR). All copies will be provided using Court-supplied media. You do not have to provide the Court with a blank CD.

To obtain a copy of a hearing on the day it is conducted, you must fill first out a "Request for Daily Copy" form and pay the fee at the court's Self Service Center. Forms are available at the Self Service Center and in this courtroom.

Helpful Hints:
  • The systems use ultra-sensitive microphones. Avoid making any statements you do not want recorded.
  • Upon speaking for the first time, identify your self for the record. Spell your name and state whom you represent.
  • Speak clearly and audibly.
  • Speak one at a time.
  • The record can only pick up words. Avoid "uh huh" and gestures.
  • When reading from a document, read slowly.
Ordering Transcripts:
  • The date of the proceeding you wish transcribed
  • The cause number
  • The case caption
  • If the transcript is for an appeal
  • Your name, address, telephone number. E-mail address is optional.

The party ordering a transcript must pay for it. Court staff will make the arrangements. The transcriber will contact you to arrange for payment and delivery of the transcript.

If you have questions, call: Superior Court Electronic Records Services (602) 506-7100.

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