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Drug Court Maricopa County Drug Court Program offers an outpatient counseling and drug monitoring program for nonviolent offenders found guilty of a drug related offense.

An individual is sentenced to participate in Drug Court after being screened and found eligible by program personnel. Drug Court requires the participant to attend regularly scheduled Court hearings to monitor compliance to terms of probation and Drug Court directives. A contract is issued to the participant at each Court appearance which specifically outlines all expectations for the period of time. Contracts are signed for Path I, Path II, Path III and Path IV. Completion of all contracts is mandatory to successfully complete Drug Court.

Criteria for Drug Court

  • Guilty of use or possession of drugs / drug paraphernalia, with no other charges
  • Not on active supervised probation
  • No dangerous weapons used during offense
  • No prior serious violent behavior
  • No more than one prior felony conviction
  • No current methadone involvement

Advantages of Drug Court

  • Fulfills Proposition 200 mandate
  • Length of probation grant determined by defendant's compliance to program requirements
  • Fines deferred
  • Random drug testing
  • Team supervision: Judge, County Attorney, Public Defender, Probation Officer, Counselor
  • Graduated levels of drug education and treatment
  • Rewards and incentives for program compliance
  • Added resources for families
  • Pro-social activities
  • Credit for community service
  • Women's Treatment Network
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