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Glossary of Common Terms
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Magistrate Often used to refer to a municipal court judge. A.R.S. ยง 1-215 provides a broad definition that includes all those judicial officers having the power to issue a warrant for arrest, i.e., a supreme court justice, superior court judges, justice of the peace courts and municipal courts. Mandate An order or command issued by a judge or court directing enforcement of the court's decision; can be from an appellate court directing action by a lower court from which an appeal was taken. Maternity The legal acknowledgment of the parental relationship between a mother and her child. Mediation A process by which parties are encouraged to reach agreements in their case prior to a court hearing. Mediator A neutral person appointed by the court to help disputing parties reach an agreement, not necessarily an attorney. Medical Director of a Mental Health Agency A psychiatrist, or licensed physician experienced in psychiatric matters, designated in writing by the governing body of the agency as the person in charge of the agency's medical services, or a psychiatrist designated by the governing body to act for the director. The term includes the superintendent of the state hospital. Medical Malpractice Action An action for injury or death brought against a health care provider, alleging negligence, misconduct, errors, omissions or breach of contract in the rendering of health care, medical or nursing services or other health-related services or for the rendering of such care or services without express or implied consent. Examples of health care providers include physicians, hospitals and their employees who provide such care or services. Mental Health Agency Any private or public facility that is licensed by this state as a mental health treatment agency, psychiatric hospital, psychiatric unit of a general hospital or residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed children and that uses secure settings or mechanical restraints. Minor/Minor Child A person who is under 18 years of age. Minor Ward A minor for whom a guardian has been appointed solely because of minority. Minute Entry An official record summarizing specific events of a court proceeding. Created by the courtroom clerk. Includes future court dates, findings and rulings on cases. Distributed to attorneys and/or parties, and the original is filed and placed in the court file. Moot A subject for argument; unsettled; undecided or no longer requiring decision. A moot point is one not settled by judicial decision. Mortgage (probate law) Any conveyance, agreement or arrangement in which property is encumbered or used as security. Motion A written application to the court to obtain a ruling, order or direction; a formal written request to the court asking that a specific action be taken. Motion in Limine A motion often used to limit or exclude specific evidence or a specific issue from a trial. Motion to Set and Certificate of Readiness A motion by any party to a lawsuit to cause a case to be set for trial, in which the party certifies readiness for trial. Municipal Court (Limited Jurisdiction) A limited jurisdiction court that handles misdemeanor crimes and petty offenses and city ordinance and code violations and issues orders of protection and injunctions against harassment. Municipal Court Judge A person appointed to serve as a judge in a city court or municipality. Qualifications are set by the municipality, not necessarily required to be an attorney. return to top
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