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Mediator roster Mediation is a process where two or more people who are having a problem sit down with a mediator (an expert on problem-solving) to consider possible solutions. The mediator does NOT tell people what to do or give legal advice! The mediator helps them look at all the solutions that might work to respond to the problem and the consequences related to making a particular decision. The mediator knows how people can make the best decisions for their particular situation. Mediators on this roster must do the following things before they can be listed on the roster: (1)Attended at a minimum a comprehensive 40-hour course in family mediation OR 40-hours of mediation training plus a comprehensive 20-hour course in family mediation (if listed as a family mediator), OR 40-hours of general mediation training, and submit acceptable third party verification of attendance at that course; and, (2) be willing to conduct pre-mediation screening as to the appropriateness of mediation services for the case, including screening for domestic violence in family mediation cases.

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