Public Surveys
The National Center for State Courts developed 10 measures, referred to as CourTools, to evaluate courts. A public survey is one of the CourTools measurements and it was developed to rate court users on the court's accessibility and its treatment of customers in terms of fairness, equality, and respect. For several years, Maricopa County Superior Court has conducted this survey.
This year, surveys were distributed on January 29, 2013 at 10 courthouses with more than 600 people responding.

The survey results indicate improvements in numerous areas such as safety, removal of physical and language barriers, and the ability to resolve their business needs in a reasonable amount of time. I am most appreciative of our accomplishments in the area of how the public views their interaction with the court. More than 9 in 10 customers surveyed agreed or strongly agreed with the premise that they were treated courteously and with respect. Moreover, the survey also revealed that 86% of the court customers noted that court staff paid attention to their needs. Both indicators make a strong statement that our judges, commissioners and court staff are truly committed to servicing the needs of the public. Despite our current budgetary and resource limitations, our court continues to excel at meeting the most basic needs of our community with courtesy and professionalism.
Please accept my sincere thanks for your outstanding work that promotes such positive statements from our constituents. Our very capable and talented judicial officers and staff deserve recognition for this stellar achievement.
Best regards,

Norman J. Davis
Presiding Judge
2013 Public Survey Results

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