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Media Guidelines: Electronic and Photographic Coverage Arizona Supreme Court Rule 122: Electronic and Photographic Coverage
  • News media must notify the Superior Court at least two hours in advance of their intent to provide film, videotape or still photographic coverage of initial appearance proceedings. The hearing officer's ruling is not appealable.
  • Only one news television camera and one still camera will be allowed. Each camera must be mounted on a tripod with a single camera operator. No auxiliary lighting is allowed in court. Rule 122 requires the use of a shutter-silencing blimp on still cameras.
  • Cameras must be placed in designated locations determined by court staff. Camera operators may not move around the courtroom while court is in session and may film only when the Hearing Officer is in the courtroom.
  • Media representatives are prohibited from conducting interviews or talking with any inmates in the courtroom. Talking with inmates will result in immediate removal from the courtroom. Any comments gleaned by violating this prohibition shall not be used in news reports.
  • When attorneys approach the bench to discuss legal issues with the judge, you are prohibited from recording their comments.
  • Reporters are allowed to observe IA court proceedings unless there is a security concern or confidentiality issue that takes precedence.
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