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Courthouse Experience Courthouse Experience is a program offered to students 11 years of age and older, allowing them to meet volunteer attorneys; visit and observe Maricopa County Courtrooms; and observe Arizona's judicial system at work.

Students may sit in on a "morning calendar" consisting of sentencing, changes of pleas, revocation of probation, arraignments, and initial appearances - a collection of events that precede or follow trial. They might have an opportunity to observe a trial, generally scheduled to begin around 10:30 a.m., after the completion of the morning calendar. They might also visit the jury assembly room or meet with a judge, commissioner or justice of the peace.

Step One: Click here to request a tour. Step Two:
Schedule your visit during the hours of 8:30am and 11:30am, Monday through Thursday. Criminal proceedings are usually taking place during that time. Experience shows us that this time frame is also best for attorneys.

Generally, one attorney for every 16 students is necessary. Please limit the amount of students to no more than 125 per day.

Step Three: We will arrange a volunteer attorney(s) who is available and willing to escort your group on your scheduled date. We will email you the contact information of the attorney. Step Four: Once you have contacted your attorney(s), please return to the web site and click here to fill out the confirmation form. Step Five: (Downtown Tours only) Arrange for free parking for marked school buses or marked vans by calling the City of Phoenix at 602.262.6235. We request that you bring at least one additional adult (other than the attorney) for each 25 students.

Enjoy your Experience!!

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