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Get Briefed @ Your Library Get Briefed @ Your Library Why do we still need a Law Library?
Law Libraries are a collection of services. Of course, a Law Library offers current books as well as preserving historically relevant print legal materials. But, a Law Library isn't just a bunch of books.

A Law Library offers a law librarian that can help you with both book and online legal research. This is important because the Internet isn't "do it yourself." It can be unreliable and confusing. This is particularly true with legal research as many people need an explanation of what the law is before they can begin research. It is important to understand the nuances of legal research such as what a statute is, how case law is limited in its availability, and why regulations are an often overlooked source of law.

A Law Library also offers access to fee-based online legal research at no cost to the library patron. The law librarian plays a critical role in this access because he or she can provide instruction on how to use these resources which are often awkward to use at first.
Isn't everything regarding the law online anyway? No. Everything isn't available online. For example, libraries retain older material not available online. But, more importantly, not everything available online is available for free. Many online legal research providers charge significant fees for use of their products. And, even if everything were available online for free, not everyone has access to the Internet.