Juvenile Probation

Employement Information: Youth Supervisor Information and Educational Requirements:

Our mission is to serve the Juvenile Court, children and their families, victims of juvenile crime, and the community by:

  • Providing information
  • Providing services and programs and
  • Enhancing accountability and community safely

We do this in a culture that honors diversity and individuality within our organization and within the community.

  • Our Entry level position is called a Youth Supervisor. Youth Supervisors work in the Juvenile Detention facilities (Southeast Facility in Mesa or the Durango Facility in Phoenix).
Juvenile Probation Officers perform many different tasks. Their major responsibility is to supervise juveniles who have been placed on probation by the Court. When juveniles are placed on probation, they are given terms of probation to follow. These terms are orders of the Court and might include an order to attend counseling, attend a class, do community work or pay restitution.

Juvenile Probation Officers assist juveniles on their caseload to comply with the terms of their probation. They monitor their school progress and work closely with school personnel to insure their compliance with their educational program. Officers maintain regular personal contact with probationers and their parents/guardian. Quality probation officers work closely with the community and help their probationers find opportunities that will help them learn to respect the law and their community.

A Juvenile Probation Officer generally has a caseload of 30 to 40 juveniles. Being a probation officer can be an extremely rewarding and interesting job because you are in a position to have a positive influence on young people. It can also be very frustrating because not every juvenile is ready or willing to make the necessary changes to be successful. Some juveniles feel overwhelmed and powerless in the environments they confront daily. This can be very stressful and frustrating for the probation officer as well as the juvenile. Learning how to handle this is an important part of the job.

Probation officers perform a variety of jobs. Some are specialists and work exclusively with children who have mental health issues, or are in residential treatment, or are sex offenders. Other probation officers work in public schools, as detention mentors, or in specialized programs such as Teen Court and Drug Diversion.

Arizona State law requires a probation officer to possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. It is most helpful for you to have a degree in the behavioral sciences. A Master’s Degree is helpful and encouraged. The Department offers a college reimbursement plan for staff but the courses you take must be career related.

Probation officers make from $35,700 to over $60,000 annually. You can promote from a Juvenile Probation Officer I up to a Juvenile Probation Officer V. Probation officers must attend and pass a certification academy. This two-week academy is offered by the Arizona Supreme Court and certifies you a probation officer in the State of Arizona.

As with any position where you are working in a court system or with youth, it is important that you have no criminal record. Probation officers are public servants and role models for the youth they supervise. Everyone who applies for one of these positions goes through an interview, extensive background check and must submit to a polygraph exam.
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