Juvenile Probation

What Can I do as a Volunteer? Interns Our department offers an educational and training opportunity for students who want to learn more about Juvenile Court and Juvenile Probation as a career field. This applicant is a student who has enrolled for internship college credit for the hours he/she will spend working at Juvenile Court.

Interns work under the supervision of a probation officer or supervisor for hands on experience in the day-to-day casework and administrative duties in the various areas of the Probation Department. Typical duties include, but are not limited to the following casework under the supervision of the probation officer: report writing, filing, contacts, surveillance, staffing's, court observation, helping in detention and any special projects as assigned.

Interns assigned to a Community Justice Community sit on a CJC panel and help with the casework and paperwork required of CJC probation officers.
Volunteer Probation Officer The volunteer can be assigned to a probation officer, a supervisor, a Community Justice Committee, or detention. Duties might include casework involving one or more children on a probation officer’s caseload, report writing, telephone and/or personal follow-up, assessments, staffing's, court preparation, court observation and attendance.

Some volunteers work with diversion programs like CUTS, Teen Court, oar Drug Diversion. Others may work in more specialized areas such as Drug Court or Domestic Violence.

Assignments are based on the volunteer’s preferences and skills, and offer an opportunity to develop those skills.
Community Justice Committee Volunteer CJC volunteers are assigned to one of our Community Justice Committees and work under the supervision of the CJC probation officer. Duties include: meeting at times and locations arranged by the PO, reviewing individual case files and related paperwork on each child to be interviewed, discussing the case with family and child, discussing the case with panel members and PO, determining consequences to be met by each child, assisting in the preparation of the paperwork needed, and other duties helpful to the Committee as assigned by the CJC PO. Community Advisory Board Citizen volunteers representing diverse professional and cultural backgrounds are appointed to the Community Advisory Board by the presiding Juvenile Court Judge to help evaluate and enhance services provided by the Maricopa County Juvenile Court Center. Their common interests ensure that Juvenile Court practices continue to reflect the best interests of youth, families, victims, and the community.

The purpose of the CAB is to: (1) identify community goals for the Juvenile Court; (2) evaluate the services provided by Juvenile Court; (3) make recommendations regarding the types and quality of service provided; and (4) serve as a sounding board for the Court and its staff on new ideas and programs.

Volunteers interested in serving on this Board are encouraged to submit their applications to the CAB and attend three meetings before they can be appointed to serve.
Tutors Tutors are our volunteers who serve in the detention facilities at Durango or SEF, and provide educational enrichment to our youth in detention by helping them with school subjects. Students who are attending school in detention are given educational assistance by our volunteer tutors in various subjects including reading, math, social studies and language. Tutors are encouraged to give educational presentations to our youth in detention in a variety of subjects, career fields, counseling programs, and life skills. Project Volunteer This is a general category for all of our volunteers who have chosen to work on a particular project or a particular committee within the Juvenile Probation Department. This volunteer will have an orientation and training session as is given to all volunteers and will receive specialized training in the area he/she is assigned. The volunteer will be under the supervision of the Juvenile Probation staff member who is supervising or managing that project or committee for the Department. Examples of such a volunteer are those volunteers assisting on Project SCRUB or Restorative Justice Committee.
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