Juvenile Probation

Victim Services Victims' Services is an important function at the Juvenile Court Center since September 1996 with a motto, "Acknowledge and treat victims as clients entitled to attention, services and satisfaction."

Victims of juvenile offenders receive letters to familiarize them with the court system and notify them of the service available to them so they are informed of each step their case goes through from inception to resolution.

To further provide victims with a sense of justice, attempts are underway to create a victim-offender reconciliation program, whereby the victim can tell the juvenile about the personal impact of being a crime target. It is also possible a program will be initiated, if funding is provided, that will give victims a forum to educate juveniles about how actions of a moment can forever affect a person's life. If you are requesting restitution-it is necessary to file the verified victim statement of financial loss immediately. Victims' Services staff may be contacted at 602.506.4471 for further information.
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