Juvenile Probation

Victim Rights The victim, or the parents of a minor victim, or a victim's designated representative have a right to notice of all proceedings and to speak at the proceedings, including:
  • Notice that a juvenile has been detained
  • Notice that the juvenile may be released from detention and the opportunity to provide an opinion about the potential decision
  • Notice that the juvenile has been released and the terms of the release
  • Notice that the juvenile complied, violated any release conditions or has gone AWOL
  • Notice of any hearing, whether an advisory, pre-trial conference, status hearing, mental competency, adjudication (trial), transfer hearing, or a continuance of any hearing
  • Notice that the State is about to offer the juvenile a plea agreement and the ability to advise the Court about any opinion about that plea
  • A copy of the probation officer's disposition report prior to disposition
  • Notice of the right to submit a Verified Victim's Statement to recover restitution for any direct loss attributable to the actions of the juvenile, to attend and participate at any restitution hearing
  • Notice of compliance with probation, modification of the terms and conditions of probation or any violation of probation and subsequent proceedings
  • Notice that the juvenile has been accepted into any diversion program, if appropriate
  • Notice of any appellate or post-adjudication proceedings
Additionally, a victim or representative has the right to refuse an interview that may be conducted by the juvenile or the attorney for the juvenile; to have private information, such as address, telephone numbers, employment address and the like, protected from disclosure; and to ensure the Court minimizes any contact with the juvenile before, during or immediately after any court hearing.

ARS ยงยง 8-381 - 8-419.
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