Juvenile Probation

Victim Impact Statements As a victim you are entitled to make an Impact Statement to the Court.

This Impact Statement may include:
  1. An explanation of the nature and extent of any physical, psychological, or emotional harm or trauma suffered
  2. An explanation of the extent of any economic loss or property damaged suffered
  3. An opinion of the need for and the extent of restitution>
  4. Whether you have applied for or received any compensation for the loss or damage
The Impact Statement can be submitted in writing, in person, or submitted through an audiotape or videotape. To assure that your Impact Statement is received by the Court, please complete your Impact Statement and submit the statement promptly.

Reasonable Accommodations:
The Juvenile Court Center will make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.
To make a request for accommodation, please call 602.506.4343.
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