Juvenile Probation

Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy


The Mission of the Juvenile Probation Department is to provide access to evidence-based early intervention, supervision, treatment and secure care for youth so they can learn accountability and responsibility, families are strengthened and community safety is enhanced.


Promoting public safety by making a positive difference in the lives of youth, families, victims and the community.


The organizational values that guide our philosophy and all operations are based on Character Counts. The six pillars of character are:

being responsible for our choices and accountable for what we do and who we are.
play by the rules; be open-minded; listen to others.
Honor the worth and dignity of others; act according to "The Golden Rule".
Be kind and compassionate; help people in need; express gratitude.
Be honest; do what you say you'll do; have the courage to do the right thing.
Know laws and obeys them; be involved in community activities; cooperate; vote.


The Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department (MCJPD) is an essential component of a larger legal system, and the legal responsibilities are prescribed by Court.

  • The goal of MCJPD is to form working partnerships with agencies and community groups to promote public safety, i.e., police, sheriff, Department of Public Safety, Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections, County Attorney, Public Defender, community groups, schools, etc.
  • In addition to establishing partners in the community, MCJPD contributes to public safety by:
    1. Community and neighborhood supervision of probationers (not office based);
    2. Strong and consistent enforcement of probation conditions, and
    3. Quick response to violations
  • In concert with public safety concerns is on-the-job safety for all employees. All JPO's and SO's are trained in the "continuum of safety" approach which provides each officer with the tools he/she needs to mitigate personal risk yet optimize the effectiveness of the officer within this framework.

The MCJPD is a "community justice agency". The American Probation and Parole Association defined "community justice" as "a strategic method of crime reduction and prevention, which builds or enhances partnerships within communities" (2000).

  • MCJPD employs the "Balanced Approach" and restorative justice practices in delivering probation services and accessing the continuum of community service available for individualized treatment of juvenile offenders.
  • The Balanced Approach emphasizes the value of applying the principles of:
    1. Community safety
    2. Accountability and
    3. Skill (competency) Development along with individualized assessment and treatment through departmental and community resources.
  • Restorative Justice promotes those practices that maximize the collective involvement of victims, the community, and the juvenile in the justice process.

Individualizing our response to juvenile offenders and their families is an integral part of our mission.

  • In order to make a positive difference in the lives of juveniles and the community, it is necessary to establish and maintain positive relationships with juveniles, families, and the community.
  • We value the juveniles and families we work with and maximize their self-worth by treating them with dignity and respect.
  • It is important to engage and involve families in our work with juveniles to optimize the chance for success. We do this through family-centered and strength-based interactions with them.
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