Juvenile Probation

Drug Court Drug Court is a program for juveniles on probation who have severe drug problems. They are ordered to participate in the program by a juvenile court judge as a term of probation.

The program is rigorous. Juveniles are expected to be tested for drugs several times a week and appear in court once a week to tell a judge what they have done in the past week. If they violate terms of their probation, there are immediate consequences:

  • Additional community service hours
  • Earlier curfew or house arrest
  • Increased urinalysis testing
  • Reduction to a previous phase
  • Time in detention.
Drug Court probationers are also rewarded for staying off drugs and complying with the terms of their probation:

  • Clean and sober monthly activities;
  • Tickets to movies and special events,
  • Pizza parties and other celebrations
  • Rewards for each 100 days that are “clean,”
  • Personalized gifts at graduation,
  • Reinstatement of Driver License after graduation.
A team of a probation officer and a surveillance officer supervises a small caseload (no more than 20 juveniles) of drug court probationers to monitor compliance and intervene immediately in any problem the probationer or his family may have that would endanger the juvenile’s performance in the Drug Court program. The team makes numerous personal contacts each week.

There is also an emphasis on group and individual counseling, and involvement of the juvenile’s family.

The program has five phases, each lasting from 4 to 8 weeks. It will take a juvenile at least 9 months to complete the program.

Juveniles can be placed in the program only by a Judge. They must:

  • Be at least 13 years old and adjudicated delinquent,
  • Have a history of positive drug tests,
  • Be unable to control their drug usage,
  • Have spent significant effort in obtaining and using drugs,
  • Have problems in other areas related due to drug abuse,
  • Continue to have used drugs despite knowing their consequences.

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