Juvenile Probation

Community Justice Committees Frequently Asked Questions What are Community Justice Committees? Community Justice Committees are a group of volunteer citizens working with young people charged with minor offenses. What is the Purpose of the Community Justice Committees? The primary purpose of the committees is to divert young people charged with minor offenses from the Juvenile Court back to their communities where groups of volunteer citizens hold them accountable and respond to their problems using a Restorative Justice framework. What are the Advantages of the Community Justice Committees? Communities as well as children benefit greatly if concerned citizens have the opportunity to help. Additionally, it frees up an overburdened Juvenile Court to give more attention to serious offenders. How do the Community Justice Committees Work? A Community Justice Committee meets face to face with the youth and discusses the nature of the offense and surrounding circumstances. The Committee then determines what solution is appropriate. The solution and consequences may include such things as restitution to the victim, community service, a fine, counseling, and/or educational sessions. Who Operates the Community Justice Committees? The basic operation is an arm of the Juvenile Probation Department as sanctioned by the Maricopa County Attorney. Probation officers are responsible for the support of the Committees throughout the county. Committees are made up of teams of two to five trained volunteers.
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