Juvenile Probation

Arizona State Department of Juvenile Corrections When a juvenile has been unsuccessful on probation, or the seriousness of the crime warrants incarceration, the juvenile may be committed to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC). Although the probation officer does make a recommendation for or against commitment, the final decision is made by a Judicial Officer, not the probation officer. ADJC will confine the juvenile for a time, and eventually release him, either to his home, a residential treatment center, or another type of group living situation. The institutions where ADJC wards are confined are Adobe Mountain School and Black Canyon School in northwest Phoenix, and Catalina Mountain School, north of Tucson. Juveniles who are released from confinement are "paroled," and supervised by a parole officer. Parole officers and probation officers are frequently confused because both are called "PO's."
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