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Treatment Services The Treatment Services Division encompasses the Drug Court Unit, Program Services Unit, Special Supervision Unit, Treatment Supervision Unit, and Parental Assessment Staff. The Drug Court Unit provides a team-based, intensive program for youth identified as chemically dependent. Drug Court also includes weekly Court hearings, counseling services and community supervision.

The Program Services Unit assists with ensuring juveniles and families receive the most appropriate service and/or treatment interventions, along with managing collaborative efforts with outside child-serving agencies.

The Special Supervision Unit provides case management and supervision of youth who are referred to the Juvenile Court for sexual offenses. The Probation Officers in the Special Supervision Unit are provided specialized training and continuing education related to the most current treatment approaches related to juveniles with sexually maladaptive behaviors.

The Treatment Supervision Unit Probation Officers provide supervision and case management to juveniles who are placed in out-of-home treatment facilities The Treatment Supervision Probation Officers have been provided training related to various treatment interventions and assist in developing coordinated treatment plans for the youth in residential facilities.

The Parental Assessment staff in the Treatment Services Division conduct financial interviews with the parent(s) of juveniles in need of treatment services. Based on the parent's income and various financial statements requested for review, the Parental Assessment staff makes recommendations to the Court on how much the parent(s) can contribute financially toward the cost of treatment services.
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