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Juvenile Intensive Probation Services (JIPS) What is Intensive Probation? Some juveniles who are on probation need to be supervised more closely than others. These juveniles are placed on Juvenile Intensive Probation (JIPS).

Some of them have been on standard probation and been in trouble again. Others have committed a very serious offense, and need extra supervision to protect the community.

JIPS probationers are supervised by a probation officer and a surveillance officer, who must visit them several times a week. These visits are unannounced and can happen at anytime during the day or night.

JIPS probationers are expected to work or go to school full-time. Otherwise they are under house arrest, and every time they leave or return to their home, they are expected to call the probation officer or surveillance officer.

The probation officer may ask the Court to detain the juvenile for up to a month if he breaks the terms of his probation.

All JIPS probationers must be tested for drugs at least once a week.

Juveniles who do well on JIPS can be put on standard probation. For many juveniles, JIPS is a “last chance“ on probation. If they can’t make it on JIPS, there is a good chance the judge will send them to the Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC).
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