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Juvenile Community Offender Restitution and Public Service (JCORPS) Contact:
Lara Meier,

Phone Number: 602-372-4349
E-mail: larmei@juvenile.maricopa.gov

Alexander Stojsic,

Phone Number: 602-506-5607
E-mail: alestoj@juvenile.maricopa.gov

Aida Perez,

Phone Number: 602-506-4546
E-mail: aidper@juvenile.maricopa.gov
This program aims to provide offenders with productive work experiences, meaningful public service, and education so they can complete diversion consequences or comply with the terms of probation. Often juveniles are required to perform public service or make restitution to a victim, but have no way of doing it. JCORPS provides them with resources:

  • Transportation to some approved public service sites;
  • Public service where they can earn money to pay restitution;
  • Education that will help them develop skills to prevent further delinquency.
JCORPS provides juveniles with opportunities to learn and do public service close to where they live so they can establish a productive relationship with their community.
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