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Community Alternatives and Restorative Services (CAReS-JCORPS) Contact:
Nicalus Haynes

Phone Number: 602-506-4286
E-mail: nichay@juvenile.maricopa.gov

Alexander Stojsic
Program Coordinator

Phone Number: 602-506-5607
E-mail: alestoj@juvenile.maricopa.gov

Aida Perez

Phone Number: 602-506-4546
E-mail: aidper@juvenile.maricopa.gov

Wilbur Brown

Phone Number: 602-372-0632
E-mail: wilbro@juvenile.maricopa.gov

(CAReS) JCORPS mission is to provide justice-involved youth with productive work experiences, meaningful community restitution projects, and educational opportunities so they can complete diversion consequences or comply with court orders. This Restorative Justice model affords youth the opportunity to complete community service hours or provide restitution to a victim under the supervision and guidance of trained professionals.

Who can participate in CAReS-JCORPS Community Service activities?

Who can participate in the CAReS-JCORPS Paid Victim Restitution activities?

Justice-involved youth may participate in Paid Victim Restitution if they are younger than 16 years of age (or if they have a major barrier to obtaining employment in the community on a case-by-case basis). The hours worked are credited at the end of the month and restitution dollars earned are sent directly to the victim. Paid Victim Restitution, as its name implies, can only be used to pay a victim and cannot be used to cover fines or other court fees.

Why should I consider CAReS-JCORPS instead of arranging my own Community Service projects? CAReS-JCORPS provides youth with additional resources:
  • Transportation to some approved community service sites from designated meeting areas;
  • Leadership and employment skills that can lead to increased self-sufficiency.
CAReS-JCORPS provides youth with opportunities to learn and complete community restitution close to where they live, so they can establish a productive relationship with their community. Through CAReS-JCORP supervision, guidance and feedback are provided to youth. Many non-profits organizations require that youth under age 18 have an adult present while performing community service activities. CAReS-JCORPS provides the necessary supervision to make these locations accessible to youth whose parents are unable to accompany their child. JCORPS is a county-wide program that provides a wide variety of options for completion of required community service activities, at locations throughout the greater metropolitan area.

The Restitution Fund that supports youth paid victim restitution opportunities accepts donations under authority of ARS ยง 13-804. The youth work crews can also provide work to for-profit agencies or private individuals. If you are interested in hosting a work crew at your location, please contact Nicalus Haynes, CAReS-JCORPS Supervisor.
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