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Community Supervision: Drug Diversion The Drug Diversion Program was developed and implemented in 1999 as a cooperative effort between the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and the Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department with the goal of significantly reducing the incidence of drug use among youth. During the 1990's, drug use among juveniles had significantly increased, and a new approach was needed to address this growing problem.

The program's goals and objectives are to:
  • Reduce the use of illegal chemical substances by juveniles referred to Drug Diversion, i.e., by involvement in early intervention, the juvenile will remain substance-free and not re-offend.
  • Provide the juvenile a means of developing skills to cease illegal drug use and refrain from future use of illegal chemical substances.
  • Provide the parents/families a means of developing skills and become familiar with community support and resources in order to assist family members in their efforts at cessation of drug use.
  • Give the juvenile the opportunity to learn about his/her responsibility to self, family and community.
  • Assist the juvenile in an alternative to formal court action.
  • Provide the juvenile with a clean and sober support network as a means of aftercare.
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