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Community Supervision: Citation Diversion

A citation is a document written by Law Enforcement or authorized School Personnel charging a juvenile with a minor offense. The citation states the time and place that the recipient must appear for a Citation hearing. Citations are used for offenses such as truancy, curfew, minor consumption of alcohol, tobacco violations, city park violations, and some traffic offenses.

Probation Officers assigned to Citation Diversion conduct citation interviews/hearings with the offender and parents. If the offender takes responsibility for the complaint, the matter can be handled outside the formal Court process. A consequence is given and a specific deadline for completion is determined. The consequence can be community restitution and victim restitution, and also include treatment oriented issues such as individual or family counseling. The juvenile's driver's license may be suspended if the juvenile fails to appear for any of the citation hearings or fails to complete a consequence. The Probation Officer is responsible for requesting the suspension. If the juvenile denies the charge or fails to comply with consequences, the citation is set for a court hearing.

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