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Community Supervision: CUTS (Court Unified Truancy Suppression) Program Aundrea Newman,
Probation Supervisor

Phone Number: 602-506-5669
E-mail: aunnew@juvenile.maricopa.gov

The CUTS Program was developed to more appropriately respond to the growing issue of truancy in Maricopa County. The Juvenile Probation Department has targeted truancy as one of the primary indicators that youth are at risk or are participating in risk taking behavior. CUTS is a diversion program that assists first and second truancy offenders by providing services which educate and address the individual needs of the child and family. By addressing truancy issues at the juvenile's school with their parent/guardian and a school representative involved, the child is held responsible, the parent is empowered and communication barriers are removed to ensure that the juvenile is successful and receives an appropriate education.

In order to foster and promote long-term changes, consequences are specifically designed to educate and reintegrate the child back into school with the support of school officials. At a CUTS Hearing, a Juvenile Probation Officer, a juvenile, their parents/guardian and a school representative come together as a team in order to resolve a truancy citation. In order to be eligible, the juvenile must admit to being truant and be willing to take responsibility for missing school which includes discussing the issues surrounding their absences. The Probation Officer can then assess the case and provide an appropriate consequence. Possible consequences include truancy education classes, community service hours, and tutoring. The Juvenile Probation Officer may also intervene by assigning services such as counseling. Consequences and services are monitored by the Juvenile Probation Officer. The juvenile is held accountable if non-compliant by suspending their driver's license until 18 year of age, and/or requesting that a hearing be set.

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