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Detention Services Bureau The Detention staffs provide a safe and secure living place for juveniles who must be detained to help maintain the safety of the community. They also lead educational and counseling sessions to give detained juveniles the tools they need to act as good citizens when they are released from detention.

There are two detention centers, the Durango Facility in Phoenix and the South East Facility in Mesa. Each center has a team of officers that screens every juvenile brought to detention to determine whether or not the juvenile should be kept in detention. If a juvenile does not need to be detained, the screening team returns him to his parent or legal guardian who is responsible for him. The screeners are on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week. At each detention center there is a team of transportation officers, who accompany every juvenile who has to leave detention for court hearings, doctors' appointments, etc. and ensure that they are returned safely to detention.

Arizona requires each county to operate a detention center for juveniles who:
  • Are likely to commit an offense injurious to self or others
  • Need custodial protection for their own interests or the interests of the public
  • May be charged as adults for a serious offense
  • Would not appear for a court hearing if they were not detained, or
  • Must be held for another jurisdiction
The Juvenile Probation Department's mission is to provide access to evidence-based early intervention, supervision, treatment and secure care for youth and families so that youth learn accountability and responsibility, and community safety is enhanced.

We want to have a detention center that protects the public from juveniles who are dangerous to themselves and the community, and to give those juveniles the tools they will need to become responsible citizens when they are released from detention.

Detention is not open to the general public. However, if you go to the Law for Kids web site you can take a virtual tour of the Southeast Detention Facility.
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