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Research and Planning Services (RAPS) Division The Research and Planning Services (RAPS) Division provides data retrieval and analysis for a variety of stakeholders, statistical reporting to a number of County and State entities, and survey design and implementation. Staff is also responsible for strategic planning and Managing for Results (MfR) reporting and coordination. In the future, RAPS will become involved in program evaluation, statistical analysis and research into best practices and trends.

Below is a listing of the latest reports published by RAPS:
FY2016 Annual Report FY2009 Data Book
FY2016 Data Book FY2008 Data Book
FY2015 Data Book FY2007 Data Book - Abridged
FY2014 Data Book FY2006 Data Book
FY2013 Data Book FY2005 Data Book
FY2012 Data Book FY2004 Data Book
FY2011 Data Book FY2003 Data Book
FY2010 Data Book  

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