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Budget and Finance Division The Budget and Finance Division develops the Department's annual budget and monitors expenditures from an array of funding sources. They facilitate procurement for a variety of goods and services, and process all requests for travel and reimbursement of personal funds expended by Departmental staff for business purposes. Budget and Finance staff also verifies tracks and processes for payment, a large volume of invoices for treatment services provided to juveniles on probation ($9.7 million in FY 2006).

Another component is accounts receivable and collections. Staff members establish accounts and assess and collect parental co-payments for court-ordered and administratively assessed fees (34,000 accounts and $2.9 million in 2006). They also collect and process restitution payments for victims of juvenile crime and process and submit cases to the State's Tax Intercept Program (over 16,000 accounts are in the Tax Intercept Program as of March, 2007 and the total receivable exceeds $7 million).
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