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Juvenile Probation Administration: Frequently Asked Questions Why do I have to pay for probation fees? I didn't commit a crime. Statute mandates that the parents be assessed a fee every month that the juvenile is on probation. Can my son/daughter perform community service to pay for the probation fees? No the probation fees are the responsibility of the parent. Why do I pay probation fees when the probation officer hasn't seen or talked to my child in a long time? Please contact the probation officer and or his supervisor. Provide names and phone numbers.return to top

Why do I have to pay for probation fees if my son/daughter is a runaway on warrant status? They are still on probation and have violated their terms and conditions. I am unable to pay the probation fee how do get the fees waived or reduced? You may file a parental assessment modification form with supporting documentation of all household income and expenses. Once we receive the completed packet, it will be submitted to the Court for judicial review. You will receive a minute entry advising you of the Court's decision. My son/daughter was transferred to the adult system but I'm still being assessed a fee, why? If your child is being detained as an adult we will suspend the fees pending trial. Once your child is sentenced as an adult the fees will be terminated. However if your child has been released pending trial he/she is considered to be on probation.return to top

My son/daughter turned 18 and is now an adult, aren't they now responsible for the fees? No, the court ordered you to pay the fees and they remain your responsibility. Why can't you or your supervisor waive my fees? We do not have the authority to alter court orders. My son/daughter was released from probation last month, why am I still being billed? It is our policy to bill one month in arrears. The invoice you received this month is for last month.return to top

My son/daughter was placed on probation on the 29th of the month do I still have to pay for the month? Yes, we do not prorate assessments. Our policy is to assess for the month that the juvenile is placed on probation but not for the month that he/she is released. Why do I have to pay a victim fee when we've paid our son/daughter restitution? A victim fee is assessed whenever a child is adjudicated or diverted on a complaint that involves a victim. The victim fee does not go directly to a victim but rather into a fund administered by the attorney general for use in operating, improving, maintaining and enhancing the victim's rights programs. I received a bill for $50.00 but my child did not go to court. What is this for? Statute mandates that when a child is diverted from Court and accepts the diversion contract a fee of no less than $50.00 be assessed to the parents.return to top Why am I being charged $9.00 for treatment? The charges are for drug testing at TASC. We are required by statute to assess for any treatment, counseling and drug testing. I am due restitution from Joe Case and he is now 18 and have not received all the money due. What will you do to make him pay? A juvenile restitution order will be entered on your behalf. You will receive a certified copy of the order along with instruction on how to perfect the judgment on your own. We will also submit the juvenile to the tax intercept program and forward any funds received to you. I am 25 years old and you just took my tax refund. Those are fees that were due when I was a juvenile and I no longer owe them since I turned 18. There is no statute of limitation on fees owed to a court. Any fines, fees and restitution owed when you turned 18 are still due.return to top How can I have my records destroyed? You must file an Application and Affidavit for Destruction of Records. The form is available from the Clerk of the Court. I just received a letter from the Department of Revenue that you've taken my refund. What gives you the right? Statute requires that all courts in the state submit any fees and fines due the state to the Tax Intercept Program. I received a letter that a civil judgment is pending can I make payment to avoid the judgment? No, we will accept payments however the judgment will be filed unless the full balance is paid.return to top
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