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Superior Court Commissioners
Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioners Image Commissioners are appointed by the Court's Presiding Judge from attorneys who apply and are recommended by a selection committee made up of judges, lawyers and others. Commissioners handle specific assigned cases and uncontested matters.

Judicial Officer Assignments: Commissioners as of July 01, 2014

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 REES, Brian   Civil 602.372.3131  Northeast Court-C    
 RICHTER, Virginia   Criminal/MCC 602.372.2017  Central Court Building-10E  View 
 ROBERTS, Lisa M.   Criminal 602.876.8200  4th Ave. Jail  View 
 RUETER, Jeffrey   Criminal 602.372.4516  Central Court Building-1003/C  View 
 RUMMAGE, James   Criminal/RCC 602.372.1878  South Court Tower-13305    
 RUSSELL, Andrew   Civil/Probate 602.372.0756  Old Court House-209    
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