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Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioners Image Commissioners are appointed by the Court's Presiding Judge from attorneys who apply and are recommended by a selection committee made up of judges, lawyers and others. Commissioners handle specific assigned cases and uncontested matters.

Judicial Officer Assignments: Commissioners June/July, 2015

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 ABE, Alysson   Criminal 602.876.8200  4th Ave. Jail    
 ALBRECHT, Richard   Family 602.506.7822  Northeast Court-A  View 
 BARTH, Michael   Probate/Civil 602.506.3857  Old Court House-005  View 
 BENNY, Margaret   Civil 602.506.3915  Southeast Facility-3C  View 
 BERESKY, Justin   Family 602.506.5861  Southeast Facility-4B/402    
 BERNSTEIN, Jerry   Criminal/MCC 602.506.3151  South Court Tower-13303  View 
 BODOW, Keelan   Criminal 602.506.0959  South Court Tower-13315  View 
 BRAME, Veronica   Family 602.506.1190  Southeast Facility-3D    
 BRICKNER, Nicole   Criminal/Mental Health 602.372.0969  South Court Tower-2D/13314    
 CLARKE, Terri   Civil/Probate 602.372.0425  Southeast Facility-3B    
 DAVIS, Jay   FC/CV/PB 602.506.3809  Northwest Regional Center-C    
 DONOFRIO III, Charles   Criminal/DUI 602.506.1767  Central Court Building-LL201/4    
 DOODY, John   Family 602.506.4067  Central Court Building-5B  View 
 FRENCH, Colleen L. (Pro Tem Judge)   SA 602.506.1462  East Court Building-712    
 GARFINKEL, Monica   Juvenile 602.506.2040  Durango Facility-1219    
 GIALKETSIS, Cynthia   Crimninal/RCC 602.506.1117  Southeast Facility-2A    
 HARRIS, Myra   Lower Court Appeals 602.506.3902  Central Court Building-CCB 4A  View 
 HARTSELL, Roger   Family 602.506.0862  Central Court Building-5F    
 HINZ, Richard   Family 602.506.4203  Southeast Facility-3E    
 HOLDING, Steven   Family 602.506.7860  Northeast Court-B    
 HOSKINS, Nicolas   Juvenile 602.372.1979  Durango Facility-7/3295    
 IRELAND, Jacki   Family 602.506.4569  Central Court Building-6E/606    
 KAIPIO, Thomas   Family 602.372.3707  Central Court Building-Suite 5G  View 
 KAISER, Brian   Criminal 602.506.0616  Southeast Facility-2B/202    
 LABIANCA, Margaret   Probate 602.506.3381  Old Court House-205    
 LAFAVE, Julie   Criminal/RCC 602.372.1878  South Court Tower-13305    
 LAING, Utiki Spurling   Juvenile 602.506.6081  Durango Facility-3280    
 LEMAIRE, Kerstin   Probate 602.372.0756  Old Court House-209    
 LYNCH, Steven   Juvenile 602.372.0778  Southeast Juvenile-1068  View 
 MANDELL, Michael   Family 602.506.3366  Central Court Building-5E    
 MATA, Julie   Criminal 602.506.0059  South Court Tower-13309/3C    
 MCGUIRE, J. Justin   Criminal 602.506.5349  Central Court Building-LL    
 MCLAUGHLIN, Jane   Criminal 602.876.8200  4th Ave. Jail    
 MILLER, Phemonia   Criminal/MCC 602.372.0987  Central Court Building-10D    
 MORROW, James   Presiding Comm./Civil 602.372.2403  Old Court House-002  View 
 MORTON, Wendy   Family Court 602.372.3021  Central Court Building-5D  View 
 MULLENEAUX, Christine   Juvenile 602.372.3135  Durango Facility-3290  View 
 NEWCOMB, Casey   Criminal 602.506.1746  South Court Tower-13310/2A  View 
 NOTHWEHR, Richard L. (Rick)   Criminal 602.372.0001  Central Court Building-10A  View 
 OTIS, Erin   Criminal/MCC 602.506.4185  South Court Tower-13302    
 OWENS, Bernard C.   Family 602.372.2490  Central Court Building-5C  View 
 PASSAMONTE, Carolyn K. (Pro Tem Judge)   Family 602.506.8214  Central Court Building-6A/601    
 POPKO, Sigmund   Criminal 602.876.8200  4th Ave. Jail    
 REES, Brian   Civil 602.372.3131  Northeast Court-C    
 RICHTER, Virginia   Criminal/MCC 602.372.2017  Central Court Building-10E  View 
 ROBERTS, Lisa M.   Criminal 602.876.8200  4th Ave. Jail  View 
 RUMMAGE, James   Criminal 602.372.4516  Central Court Building-1003/C    
 RUSSELL, Andrew   Probate 602.506.6086  Northeast Court-E/109    
 SEYER, David   Criminal/DUI 602.372.0555  Central Court Building-8B/802    
 SMITH, Shellie   Juvenile 602.372.1232  Southeast Juvenile-5/1105    
 SPENCER, Barbara L.   Mental Health 480.344.2006  Desert Vista    
 VAN WIE, Annielaurie   Criminal DUI 602.372.0986  Central Court Building-8D/804    
 VANDENBERG, Lisa Ann   Probate 602.372.0270  Old Court House-106  View 
 VIGIL, Julia Lopez   Juvenile 602.372.0268  Southeast Juvenile-1064    
 WASHINGTON, Eartha K.   Criminal 602.876.8200  4th Ave. Jail  View 
 WEIN, Kevin   Criminal 602.506.4527  South Court Tower-3D/13304    
 WHITE, Susan   Criminal/PV/Drug 602.372.3192  Central Court Building-13C/1302    
 WILLIAMS, Paula   Criminal 602.876.8200  4th Ave. Jail    
 WINGARD, William   Juvenile 602.506.6452  Durango Juvenile-2295    
 WOODBURN, R. Jeffrey   Criminal 602.506.4572  South Court Tower-13311  View 
 SCHADE, George   State Water Master 602.372.4115  Central Court Building-5B  View 
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