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Superior Court Judges
Maricopa County Superior Court Judges Image Judges are appointed through a merit process. Judicial candidates are selected for their legal ability and professional and personal achievements rather than their mastery of political campaigns.

Applicants for judicial appointment are screened by the Commission on Trial Court Appointments, a non-partisan committee. The Commission reviews all applications, interviews candidates and selects finalists whose names are forwarded to the Governor. The Governor reviews the applications, interviews each finalist and appoints one of them to the bench.

Superior Court judges in Maricopa County remain in office by the approval of voters in retention elections. There are no opponents in these elections. Voters cast a "yes" vote to retain a judge in office. A "no" vote would remove the judge from office. Every two years each judge undergoes a public review process, including a survey of the judges ability by lawyers, litigants, jurors and staff. Judges face a retention election every four years.

Judicial Officer Assignments: Judges Post-Rotation July 01, 2014

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 SANDERS, Teresa A.   Criminal 602.506.4791  South Court Tower-13111  View 
 SCIARROTTA JR., Joseph   Family Court 602.372.4762  Southeast Facility-4C/403    
 SINCLAIR, Joan   Juvenile 602.372.4553  Durango Facility-2250  View 
 STARR, Patricia   Civil 602.506.4164  East Court Building-412    
 STEINLE, III, Roland J.   Criminal 602.506.7893  Central Court Building-13A  View 
 STEPHENS, Sherry K.   Criminal 602.506.4818  South Court Tower-13105    
 SVOBODA, Pamela   Criminal 602.372.1983  South Court Tower-13110    
 SCHADE, George   State Water Master 602.372.4115  Central Court Building-5B  View 
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