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Superior Court Judges
Maricopa County Superior Court Judges Image Judges are appointed through a merit process. Judicial candidates are selected for their legal ability and professional and personal achievements rather than their mastery of political campaigns.

Applicants for judicial appointment are screened by the Commission on Trial Court Appointments, a non-partisan committee. The Commission reviews all applications, interviews candidates and selects finalists whose names are forwarded to the Governor. The Governor reviews the applications, interviews each finalist and appoints one of them to the bench.

Superior Court judges in Maricopa County remain in office by the approval of voters in retention elections. There are no opponents in these elections. Voters cast a "yes" vote to retain a judge in office. A "no" vote would remove the judge from office. Every two years each judge undergoes a public review process, including a survey of the judges ability by lawyers, litigants, jurors and staff. Judges face a retention election every four years.

Judicial Officer Assignments: Judges June/July, 2015

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 ADLEMAN, Jay   Criminal 602.372.5497  Central Court Building-12E/1204    
 ANDERSON, Aimee   Family 602.506.0055  Northeast Court-H/104  View 
 ANDERSON, Arthur   Civil 602.506.0341  East Court Building-511  View 
 ASTROWSKY, Bradley   Criminal 602.372.2048  Central Court Building-13D/1303  View 
 BAILEY, Cynthia   Family 602.506.5121  Northeast Court-F  View 
 BARTON, Janet   Presiding Judge 602.506.5340  Old Court House-5  View 
 BASSETT, Edward   Associate Presiding Probate 602.372.3003  Old Court House-102  View 
 BEENE, James   Juvenile 602.372.7382  Southeast Juvenile-1079-1081  View 
 BERGIN, Dawn   Civil 602.372.2961  East Court Building-713  View 
 BLOMO, James T.   Civil 602.372.4537  East Court Building-411    
 BRAIN, Mark H.   Criminal 602.372.1141  Central Court Building-12A/1201  View 
 BRNOVICH, Susan   Civil 602.372.2020  Northeast Court-L/1112    
 BRODMAN, Roger   Civil 602.372.2943  East Court Building-413  View 
 BROTHERTON, William   Family 602.372.2024  Central Court Building-6C    
 CAMPAGNOLO, Theodore   Family 602.372.0537  Southeast Facility-3A/301    
 COFFEY, Rodrick   Juvenile 602.372.1783  Southeast Juvenile-1103  View 
 COHEN, Bruce   Juvenile 602.372.0686  Durango Facility-2250/5  View 
 COHEN, Suzanne   Family Court 602.372.1916  Central Court Building-7A    
 CONTES, Connie   Juvenile 602.506.7768  Durango Facility-2280  View 
 COOPER, Katherine   Family 602.506.8311  Central Court Building-5A/501    
 COURY, Christopher   Criminal 602.372.3876  Central Court Building-8C/803    
 CRAWFORD, Janice   Juvenile 602.372.0844  Southeast Juvenile-1090-1092  View 
 CUNANAN, David O.   Criminal 602.372.1710  South Court Tower-13115/8C    
 DITSWORTH, John   Juvenile 602.506.8288  Durango Facility-2285/3    
 DUNCAN, Sally Schneider   Juvenile 602.506.9042  Durango Facility-3285  View 
 FENZEL, Alfred   Criminal 602.506.7080  Central Court Building-11C  View 
 FINK, Dean M.   Criminal 602.506.3776  Central Court Building-12D    
 FISH, Geoffrey   Family 602.372.1771  Central Court Building-4B  View 
 FLORES, Lisa   Juvenile 602.372.0825  Durango Facility-2290    
 FOSTER, George H.   Criminal 602.506.3892  Central Court Building-9D/904    
 FOX, Dewain D.   Family 602.372.2260  Central Court Building-6D/604    
 GAMA, J. Richard   Civil/Complex 602.506.1245  East Court Building-714  View 
 GARCIA, Jeanne   Family 602.372.0610  Northwest Regional Center-B    
 GASS, David   Civil 602.372.3592  East Court Building-514    
 GATES, Pamela   Criminal Associate Presiding 602.506.6391  South Court Tower-13400/5B    
 GENTRY, Jo Lynn   Civil 602.372.3091  East Court Building-414    
 GERLACH, Douglas   Civil 602.372.5851  East Court Building-513  View 
 GORDON, Michael   Criminal 602.372.0762  South Court Tower-13110/7B  View 
 GRANVILLE, Warren J.   Criminal 602.506.0434  South Court Tower-13103  View 
 GREEN, Jennifer E.   Family Court 602.506.0438  Southeast Facility-4A/401    
 HANNAH, John   Civil 602.372.0759  Northeast Court-G  View 
 HARRISON, Cari A.   Juvenile 602.506.0967  Old Court House-301    
 HEGYI, Hugh   Criminal 602.506.3963  Central Court Building-11E    
 HERROD, Michael   Family 602.372.0359  Central Court Building-6F  View 
 HOFFMAN, Kristin C.   Juvenile 602.506.5624  Durango Facility-3250    
 HORN, Lori   Civil 602.506.0423  Old Court House-202  View 
 KEMP, Michael   Criminal 602.372.0608  Central Court Building-13E/1304  View 
 KILEY, Daniel   Criminal 602.372.3839  Central Court Building-9A  View 
 KLEIN, Andrew   Presiding Probate 602.506.4645  Old Court House-101  View 
 KREAMER, Joseph   Northeast Presiding/Family 602.372.1764  Northeast Court-K/110  View 
 MAHONEY, Margaret R.   Criminal 602.506.0387  South Court Tower-13114  View 
 MARTIN, Daniel   Juvenile 602.372.2925  Old Court House-303    
 MCCLENNEN, Crane   LCA 602.506.3901  Central Court Building-4A  View 
 MCCOY, Scott   Criminal 602.372.3603  South Court Tower-13104    
 MCMURDIE, Paul   Family Court Presiding Judge 602.372.0765  Central Court Building-7C    
 MCNALLY, Colleen   Presiding Juvenile Judge 602.506.5961  Durango Facility-C2C 132A    
 MEAD, Kathleen   Family 602.506.2500  Northwest Regional Center-A    
 MIKITISH, Joseph   Family 602.372.1547  Central Court Building-6B    
 MOSKOWITZ, Frank   Family Court 602.506.7140  Northwest Regional Center-D/124  View 
 MROZ, Rosa   Criminal 602.372.0384  South Court Tower-13109  View 
 MULLINS, Karen   Civil 602.372.1160  Old Court House-309    
 MYERS, Sam   Criminal Presiding 602.372.2940  South Court Tower-13200/5A  View 
 O'CONNOR, Karen L.   Juvenile 602.506.0428  Southeast Juvenile-1114    
 OBERBILLIG, Robert   Presiding Southeast Judge/Civil 602.506.2194  Southeast Facility-2F/206  View 
 PADILLA, Jose   Criminal 602.372.0901  Central Court Building-11A    
 PALMER, David   Juvenile 602.372.3980  Southeast Juvenile-1093 8  View 
 PINEDA, Susanna   Juvenile 602.372.2958  Durango Facility-2245  View 
 POLK, Jay   Family Court 602.372.0879  Northeast Court-D  View 
 REA, John   Criminal 602.372.0382  South Court Tower-13102/6B    
 REINSTEIN, Peter   Spec Assign Criminal 602.506.6368  Central Court Building-4C    
 RUETER, Jeffrey   Family 602.372.5465  Southeast Facility-2C/203  View 
 RYAN, Timothy J.   Juvenile 602.372.3081  Southeast Juvenile-1076-8/3  View 
 RYAN-TOUHILL, Jennifer   Family Court 602.372.0920  Northeast Court-I/106    
 SANDERS, Teresa A.   Criminal 602.506.4791  South Court Tower-13111  View 
 SCIARROTTA JR., Joseph   Family Court 602.372.4762  Southeast Facility-4C/403    
 SINCLAIR, Joan   Criminal 602.372.4553  Central Court Building-9C/903  View 
 SMITH, James D.   Family 602.372.5945  Southeast Facility-SEF4D/404  View 
 STARR, Patricia   Civil 602.506.4164  East Court Building-412    
 STEINLE, III, Roland J.   Criminal 602.506.7893  Central Court Building-13A  View 
 STEPHENS, Sherry K.   Criminal 602.506.4818  South Court Tower-13105    
 SVOBODA, Pamela   Family 602.372.1983  Central Court Building-7B/702    
 TALAMANTE, David M.   Civil 602.506.6251  Southeast Facility-2G  View 
 THOMASON, Timothy   Family Court 602.506.0573  Central Court Building-7D/704    
 THOMPSON, Peter   Family 602.372.3579  Southeast Facility-2D    
 UDALL, David K.   Civil 602.506.5514  Southeast Facility-2E    
 VIOLA, Danielle   Criminal 602.506.3442  South Court Tower-13108  View 
 WARNER, Randall   Civil Presiding Judge 602.372.2966  East Court Building-512  View 
 WELTY, Joseph C.   Associate Presiding Judge/Juvenile 602.372.2537  Durango Facility-3245/12    
 WHITTEN, Christopher   Presiding Tax Court Judge/Civil 602.372.1164  Old Court House-201  View 
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