Court Security

Superior Court Marshal's Office
"The Fundamental duty of the Court Security Marshal's Office is to provide a safe and secure work environment for the court, it's officers, employees and patrons. This is accomplished through the dedicated efforts of trained, certified and empowered public sector security professionals, recognized as national leaders in court security."
Judicial Branch Security Director

Welcome to the Superior Court. The Court Security Marshal's Office has identified the significance of providing a safe and secure environment for everyone while simultaneously maintaining a welcoming atmosphere to all who may pass through these portals.

With a commitment for a unified vision, and shared sense of purpose, our management staff utilizes their significant expertise acquired through extensive law enforcement backgrounds, and education, to continually monitor and critically evaluate standards and procedures. Their aim is to ensure that all measures established and carried out by the security officers are as up to date as possible and appropriate to current and prevailing threats.

Ensuring the safety and welfare of court staff employees, visitors, as well as the building structure, our management staff has formulated a planned response of law enforcement and emergency personnel to duress alarms, threats, assaults, emergency evacuations, and many other situations that require security or medical attention. Individual and shared responsibilities have been delineated so that all divisions are accountable for their own areas of jurisdiction.

Developing our court security program has been designed to provide deterrence, effectively limiting opportunities for malicious acts, to anticipate and prevent possible harm, and detect potential danger. These measures are fundamentally vital and are key components for establishing "a safe and secure work environment" as mentioned in our Mission Statement.

Our principle goal is to use common sense as a guideline in the implementation of our procedures. To balance the level of security measures that appropriately address the degree of risk or threat assessment for each facility that would effectively inspire a sense of reassurance for our Judges, staff, employees, visitors, and general public.

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