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Victim's Rights for Post Conviction After the defendant has been sentenced to probation, the victim can opt in for the following Post Conviction rights:
  • Any proposed modifications regarding restitution, incarceration, and/or if the modification will affect a victim's safety
  • Termination proceedings
  • Revocation proceedings
  • Restitution that is two full months in arrears
  • Arrests made pursuant to a warrant issued for a probation violation

In order to invoke these rights the victim must complete and mail in a Post - Conviction Notification Request Form. The victim has to contact the Intake Advocate of the County Attorney Victim Services Division at 602-506-8522. If the case was charged with the Attorney General Office, the victim may contact the Attorney General Victim Services Division at 602-542-4911.

Arizona Law states a "Victim" means a person against whom the criminal offense has been committed, or if the person is killed or incapacitated, the person's immediate family or other lawful representative, except if the person is in custody for an offense or is the accused. (A.R.S. ยง13-4401.19) Victims' Rights of any corporation, partnership, association, or other similar legal entity shall be limited as provided by statute. A business or neighborhood association has limited rights. A representative from any legal entity or corporation can be kept informed of sentencing date and request restitution. Businesses cannot opt in for Victims' Rights.

If you are in question if a victim has opted in for post conviction, please contact the Victim Services Unit at the numbers above.

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