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Victims Rights Glossary
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TASC Treatment Assessment Screening Center. Diversion program that monitors and offers treatment for drug and alcohol abuse problems. Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) An order to do or not do something until a more complete hearing is held, usually within 10 days, with both parties present. At that time, a preliminary injunction may be granted until there is a hearing for a permanent injunction. Testimony Evidence given in court orally by a witness. Theft Offender controls, converts to, or obtains another's property with the intent to deprive victim of that property when the property or service is valued at $250 or more. Includes Unlawful use of transportation, theft of means of transportation, extortion, shoplifting ($100 or more), and unlawful failure to return rental property if valued at $100 or more. Time Limits Refers to the right of the accused to be tried within 150 days of arrest or summons. Some exclusions apply. Time Served Credit given for the number of days in custody pending case disposition and credited towards final sentence. Time Waived The number of days between court proceedings is not deducted from statutory time limit for a case to be tried. Truth-in-Sentencing Defendant is sentenced to at least one year in prison, will not be eligible for release to parole until their entire period of incarceration is completed. Trial A court proceeding where testimony and evidence is presented to a Judge and a jury to determine if the defendant is guilty of committing the crime charged with. True Bill The majority vote of a Grand Jury when probable cause is found of a crime committed.

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