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Victims Rights Glossary
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Reasonable Doubt The amount of proof necessary for the State to prove guilt. Rebuttal Evidence or argument designed to defeat or take away the effect of the opponent's evidence or argument. Redirect Follows cross-examination and is exercised by the party who first examined the witness at a court proceeding. Remand To send back. For example, the Court of Appeals may remand a case to Superior Court for retrial or other action. Restitution The amount of money a Judge orders a defendant to pay to the victim as a condition of the sentence. It is an act of restoring anything to its rightful owner. It is giving or making well on an equivalent to any loss, damage, or injury suffered by the victim. Revocation Arraignment The time set where the court informs the probationer of each alleged probation violation. The probationer either admits or denies each allegation. Rulle 11 A psychiatric evaluation to determine if the defendant is competent to stand trial.

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