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Victims Rights Glossary
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Parole The release from prison after serving the imposed sentence. It is a conditional release from prison granted by the Board of Executive Clemency. The offender will be under the supervision of a parole officer. Parole can be revoked if the offender fails to observe the conditions of Mandatea parole order. Petit Jury A jury, usually of 12, impaneled to hear a civil or criminal proceeding in court. Petition Written application made to court asking for legal intervention. Plaintiff In a civil action, the plaintiff is the one who files the lawsuit. In a criminal case, the State is the plaintiff. Plea Response of a defendant to criminal charges. Note: When writing copy, you would be in error to say, "John Doe pled innocent today." The plea is guilty or not guilty. Pleading Written documents stating the allegations and claims of the opposing parties in a legal dispute. Preliminary Hearing Court preceding that determines if there is probable cause to hold the defendant for trial. Acts like a Grand Jury, but preliminary hearings are not held in secret. In Maricopa County, preliminary hearings usually take place in justice (JP) court in the precinct where the crime occurred. Pre-Sentence Hearing A hearing held prior to sentencing. Pre-Sentence Report A report prepared for a Judge by a pre-sentence investigator. The report will include a defendant's criminal history, synopsis of the crime, social history of the defendant, statements from the victim or other interested parties, and a recommendation and a reason for the recommendation for sentencing. Pre-Trial Conference Set automatically prior to a trial after the defendant pleads 'not guilty' to the charge. Pleas can be considered at this time. Pre-Trial Services Investigates the employment and ties to the community of a defendant. Can require drug testing and other monitoring. Probable Cause The amount of proof needed to determine if a crime occurred. Probation A conditional suspension of an imposed sentence. If completed successfully, sentence is not imposed, but if it is revoked, the sentence is imposed. Probation is subject to supervision from a probation officer and terms. It is a substitute for a prison term, which is contingent upon good behavior. Probation can include jail time, treatment, restitution, and/or other special terms & conditions. Pro Se (pro per) A person who represents himself in court.

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