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Victims Rights Glossary
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Impanel The act of making up a list of jurors who have been selected for the trial of a particular case. Impeachment of a Witness An attack on the credibility of a witness by the testimony of other witnesses, other evidence, or previous statements of the witness. In Camera A Latin term meaning "in chambers." Traditionally, the term meant a proceeding closed to the public. Indeterminite Sentence A sentence of indefinite duration; the exact time to be served being determined within the limits of the law, by parole authorities depending largely on the defendant's record. Indictment The formal written accusation of a crime. Information A formal written accusation filed by a public officer, such as a prosecuting attorney, charging a person or business with a specific crime. Initial Appearance (IA) First appearance in court by defendant in a criminal case. Under federal case law, an arrested person must appear before a judicial officer within 24 hours and be advised of the charges and the suspect's rights. Injuctiona Against Harassment Court order directing a person to refrain from having contact with the person who filed the order. Injunction Against Harassment can only be ordered for person's not related, not lived together, or share a child together. For instance, a co-worker, acquaintance, friend, etc. Interference with Juidicial Proceedings Engaging in disorderly, disrespectful or insolent behavior in court or disobeying a court order or (felonies-)tampering with a witness, influencing a juror, misconduct by a juror, tampering with evidence, and disobeying an order of protection(misdemeanor). Investigation Process of collecting evidence by law enforcement officers or the prosecutor to determine if a crime has been committed. Invoke the Rule Requires all prospective witnesses be excluded from the courtroom during testimony and to not discuss the case with each other. This does not apply to Victims. Victims have the right to stay in the courtroom during all testimony.

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