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Victims Rights Glossary
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Habeus Corpus A writ directed to an official who is detaining a person commanding him to produce that person before the court for the purpose of determining whether he is legally detained. Hard Time A sentence of imprisonment for a crime which by statute requires the defendant to serve 2/3 of his/her time before eligible for parole. Hearsay A statement a witness has heard another person say or write and offered as evidence without producing the author to testify as to the matters stated. Homicide 1st or 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, or negligent homicide. 1st-intending or knowing conduct will cause death or another with premeditation or causing the death of another while committing certain felony crimes. 2nd-without premeditation intentionally causing death of another or manifesting extreme indifference to human life causes death. Manslaughter-recklessly causing death, sudden quarrel or heat of passion, intentionally aiding in suicide, causing death of an unborn child by injury to mother which would have been murder if mother had died. Negligent-with criminal negligence a person causes the death of another. Hostile Witness A witness who can be cross-examined by the party calling him because of his antagonism to that party. House Arrest Probationer is closely monitored electronically in his residence. The probationer's activities are extremely limited.

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