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Victims Rights Glossary
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Earned Release Credit The date an inmate is released from prison if not previously released on supervised parole. Computed as time served in prison plus "good time" earned equals the sentence imposed. Good time is: One for Two time-one day of "good time" credit for every two days served without a serious disciplinary infraction. Reserved for inmates not serving sentences that are not flat time or for dangerous and/or repetitive offenses. One for Three-one day of "good time" credit for every three days served without a serious infraction. Reserved for inmates serving sentences for dangerous and/or repetitive offenses. Endangerment Recklessly endangering another person with substantial risk or imminent death. Evidence Proof presented in court through the testimony of a witness, exhibits, records, objects or written documents to persuade the Judge or jury as to an alleged fact or position. Evidentiary Hearing A hearing for the court to rule on a motion to suppress the use of evidence. The arresting officers or other witnesses may be required to testify to facts surrounding evidence. Exception A lawyer's statement, during the course of a trial that he disagrees with a ruling or action of the court. This is done by an objection. By "excepting", the lawyer saves the point as a ground for a possible appeal. Exhibit An article of tangible evidence introduced at trial. Ex Parte A proceeding by or for one party only. Extenuating Circumstances Circumstances that partly excuse a crime and therefore call for less punishment of damages.

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