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Supervision: Work Furlough Program General Guideline:
  • All cases are screened prior to acceptance (Presentence completes a preliminary screening).
  • Probation Officers monitor the probationers.
  • Full-time employment is required.
  • Employers/School personnel sign a Letter of Understanding indicating their knowledge regarding the Work Furlough Program, the probationers' rate of pay, and the work/school hours.
  • The Work Furlough Officers provide the jail with the release hours to coincide with the probationers work hours and to accommodate the method of travel.
  • Probationers are monitored for drug and alcohol use while in the program.
  • Probationers must meet the medical requirements in order to participate.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age. (The Sheriff's Office cannot accommodate juveniles).
Time Frames:
  • Employed - must have at least 30 days remaining on their sentence.
  • Unemployed - must have at least 45 days remaining on their sentence.
  • There is a five (5) day Job Search for those individuals who are employable.
  • No 2-for-1 permitted.
  • $125.00 initially. This fee is applied toward the Work Furlough fees.
  • Fees consist of one hour's wage, plus a $3.00 administrative fee, minimum fee of $9.00 per day.
Release Hours:
  • Generally - Maximum of 12 hours per day, maximum six (6) days per week.
  • Cannot work out of a residence, for family members/friends. If self-employed, must provide last two (2) years income tax verification, business and tax licenses that apply.
  • Not allowed to go home (Exception - first day may be allowed to get clothing and appropriate items).
For further information, please contact (602) 372-5922.
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